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FAQ About Instagram Blackmail & Extortion Situations

What is Instagram Blackmail?

Relationships online these days sometimes take an intimate turn. People share sexy pictures, exchange videos and engage in sexual talk. It might seem like just having fun, but sometimes it leads to blackmail.

Blackmail On Instagram is type of extortion or is also known as “sextortion,” and it can involve money or a demand for more sexual images.

We have handled thousands Instagram Blackmail cases, and we know all of their criminal tricks. In the vast majority of cases, we stop them from ever sharing any intimate images or private information.

Report Instagram Blackmail ASAP to avoid damaging consequences

What can i do if someone is blackmailing me on Instagram

One way to avoid this tragedy is not to give away personal information online. To stay safer and not being blackmailed on Instagram, pay attention to the following steps:

Don’t share intimate videos and photos online;
If someone asks you to remove clothes or engage in intimate acts online then please do some more research before taking such a big risk;
What you post online may well stay there forever;
Be careful who you invite and accept invitations from on social networking sites. Don’t allow strangers in your life;
The only way to make sure your social media accounts are safe from prying eyes is by ensuring that only people you know have access. To do this, go into account settings and edit who can see posts;
Profile information should not include any sensitive, private or confidential data;
You can quickly and easily block anyone who is annoying or fraudulent from contacting you as well as report their behavior for abuse;
You need to ask yourself if there’s any ground for the blackmail and whether it is really harmful.

What to Do If You are being blackmailed on Instagram

If someone is trying to blackmail you with exposure of private information, please keep calm. The blackmailer will try any means necessary for financial gain so make sure these types of situations can’t happen again. You should report the incident to persons who can help protect and assist in this situation as well!

Here are some tips to keep yourself safe from sextortionists or blackmailers:

  1. Remain calm and try not to panic.
  2. Close all applications that may be used for tracking.
  3. Preserve communications between yourselves – even if it means saving chat history on your phone.
  4. Find professionals who can help you to Report Blackmail On Instagram as well as Facebook Blackmail.

What to Do If You Are the Victim of Instagram Sextortion?

  1. Go to post, comment or profile and tap the three-dot icon at top right corner followed by Settings, and then select “Report…”, “Report Post, Message or Comment”, or “Report Account”.

Report Post On Instagramwhy are you reporting this post

report comment on instagramhow to report comment on instagram

how to report instagram accountreport instagram account

  1. You should never engage with a perpetrator. You will only end up wasting your time and energy, so don’t do it.
  1. Keep a record of everything that happens with the suspect- take notes on what they say, how you respond.
  1. Grabbing screenshots of your messages is a great way to preserve evidence in case you need it later.
  1. The key to staying safe on social media is security. Make sure you secure all your profiles and make them inaccessible to the public, especially if they contain personal information like phone number, address, or dates of birth.

Do blackmailers follow through on Instagram

It’s no secret that social media platforms have become a hot spot for cyber-criminals, it’s the perfect place to paint a pretty picture and disguise the ugly truth that lives behind it. So, what happens once the truth reveals itself? Do sextortionists follow through with their plans of demise or is it all just a bluff to scare their victim enough to comply with their demands? Here’s what you can expect if your blackmailer were to follow through on his plans or not.

Do Sextortionists usually follow through with their threats?

A victim of online sextortion has one big question in their mind, “Is this person going to expose me to the world?!’” its fair to think the worst of your situation, because if we’re frank, sextortion is a very serious crime and can have life altering outcomes if it is not handled correctly. It is important to know that you are given a 50/50 chance your content will or will not be exposed.

If a extortionist were to follow through with their threats, you can expect a whirlwind of results. Once a perpetrator has deemed you a target, they will do whatever they possibly can. They will try to gather as much personal information about you as possible.

Scoping out your social media profile to find out where you work, adding all of your friends and family, find out what community groups you’re apart of, and much more.

The point in gathering all of this information is to use it as ammunition against you if you were to go against their demands and not pay them. The results of exposure have left many victims in shambles. Jobs can be taken away, families can be torn apart, and a life that was once thought to be intact, can fall by a simple click of a button. Keeping that in mind, once a sextortionist does follow through, there is no telling in whether they will stop either. Do Sextortionists Follow Through – YES, They Do.

Sextortionists are known to be aggressive and there have been many instances where they refuse to stop sending content until they get exactly what they want.

How to report blackmail on Instagram

To report blackmail on Instagram, click on the three dots…” on the upper right corner of any post by the perpetrator. Click “Find Support or Report Photo.” Tell them “someone is blackmailing me on Instagram.” This will alert Instagram to the problem. However, perpetrators often work in teams to create new fake accounts and continue the Instagram blackmail, or move to new social media platforms to harass you. It takes a professional company to make them stop.

How fast can you stop extortion on Instagram?

Once we take over your case, you will no longer have to deal with the blackmailers. We typically resolve the issue in a few days, and in some cases, we can do it in a few hours. Our experts know how to stop extortion on Instagram.

Do you keep all of this strictly confidential?

We work under a strict non-disclosure agreement. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We will not discuss your case with anyone but you.

Will the FBI or police help me?

Probably not. Instagram Sextortionists usually operate overseas, beyond the jurisdiction of the FBI or your local police department. Law enforcement focuses on crimes in their own jurisdiction, and typically will not have the time to handle this Instagram blackmail situation for you.

Can you delete my picture and video?

We work with Instagram , YouTube and other online platforms to get private images taken down quickly, often within minutes of them being posted.

Why should I trust you?

When it comes to extortion on Instagram or any other form of harassment on Instagram such as blackmail or sextortion, we know what to do. We have a high success rate in keeping our clients’ private material offline. We know how to locate criminals and contact police in their overseas jurisdictions. We have helped thousands of people just like you. So, there is no doubt that we know what to do if you’re being blackmailed or sextorted on this social network. We can handle that in 24h or less

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