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Questions and Answers

What is blackmail on social media?

Blackmail on social media is a form of psychological abuse in which the perpetrator threatens to publish private and explicit information or material about you (or share it with your friends and family) if you do not give them money, sexual favors etcetera. These demands usually involve sex tapes that can be used against one’s victims online; this decreases chances for success by making people afraid once they’ve been targeted–making sure there will never again come any time where these types operations may take place due increased public awareness thanks largely because app developers must follow strict guidelines when creating. There are different social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. So, blackmail may be committed on them.  You can report blackmail on Facebook, or Report Blackmail on Instagram to our Experts

How do I report someone trying to sextortion me on social media?

To report extortion on social media, click on the three dots…” on the upper right corner of any post by the perpetrator. Click “Find Support or Report Photo.” Tell them “someone is blackmailing me on social media.” This will alert social media the problem. However, perpetrators often work in teams to create new fake accounts and continue the facebook blackmail, or move to new social media platforms to harrass you. It takes a professional company to make them stop.

How fast can you stop blackmail on social media?

Once we take over your case, you will no longer have to deal with the blackmailers. We typically resolve the issue in a few days, and in some cases, we can do it in a few hours. Our experts know how to stop extortion on social media.

Do you keep all of this strictly confidential?

We work under a strict non-disclosure agreement. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We will not discuss your case with anyone but you.

Will blackmailers go away if I shut down my social media accounts?

No. They will simply reach out to your family, friends and employers and show them your private photo or video. They hope to scare you into paying them to make them stop. But they won’t ever stop, of course, unless you take real action.

Will the FBI or police help me?

Probably not. Blackmail on Social media is beyond the jurisdiction of the FBI or your local police department. Law enforcement focuses on crimes in their own jurisdiction, and typically will not have the time to handle blackmail on social media situation for you.

Can you delete my picture and video?

We work with Instagram , YouTube and other online platforms to get private images taken down quickly, often within minutes of them being posted.

Why should I trust you?

When it comes to extortion on Instagram, we know what to do. We have a high success rate in keeping our clients’ private material offline. We know how to locate criminals and contact police in their overseas jurisdictions. We have helped thousands of people just like you.

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