Pure Dating App Scams

Last Updated on April 7, 2023

Pure Dating App Scams: How To Avoid Falling Victim

Are you using the pure dating app to find a connection? If so, beware – scammers have infiltrated the online dating scene. It can be nerve-wracking enough trying to navigate through virtual connections without having to worry about online scams. Do not let them ruin your chances of finding someone special – learn about the dangers and tactics fraudsters use when committing a pure dating app scam.

Types of Pure Dating App Scams

Dating apps are a great way to connect with others, but unfortunately, many people have fallen victim to scams on these apps. Different types of scams occur when using a dating app; some of the most common ones include:

Catfishing/Phishing: Catfishing is another popular type of scam in which someone pretends to be someone they are not by creating false identities and often luring users into a false sense of security. You can also see this as malicious links being sent through messages. These links contain malware intended to steal your information.

Romance frauds: Romance frauds can also occur. Scammers use emotional manipulation for financial gain or access to personal information. This type of emotional manipulation can cause severe damage to not only your wallet but your mental and emotional well-being as well.

Sextortion: Finally, sextortion may occur where scammers manipulate victims into performing sexual acts to access compromising images or videos for blackmail. Victims often fear reporting the crime due to feelings of shame or guilt, or even worry that they will face charges. Unfortunately, sextortionists are often skilled at preying on vulnerable people who want nothing more than to keep their embarrassing conduct private.

While dating apps are an excellent tool for connecting with others, it is important to look out for these types of scams and always stay safe online.

How to Avoid a Pure Dating App Scam?

Dating apps are popular worldwide, and with them come the unfortunate side-effect of websites and scammers looking to take advantage of unsuspecting singles. Avoiding a pure dating app scam is possible if you are aware of what to look for.

· Being proactive can pay off by saving you time, your bank account, or other personal information.

· It is important to stay vigilant when participating in online dating, review profiles carefully, use secure payment methods, and never give out confidential financial details online.

· Be skeptical of sensational messages that seem too good to be true, do not rush into deep conversations with someone until you have done thorough research on their profile, and if something does not feel right, end the conversation.

If you heed these tips and practice safe internet-dating protocol, you do not need to worry about being scammed!

How to Report a Scam on Pure?

If you suspect that someone you have been communicating with on the Pure Dating App may be a scam, you must report it to the platform as soon as possible. Start by terminating the conversation with the scammer, then reporting it directly to the dating platform by going here and following the steps. If funds were lost or information was compromised, it can be best to contact your bank right away. Next, you will want to take all gathered evidence and report it to your local police department. Lastly, we recommend going online and reporting the crime to the FBI’s Crime Complaint Center and the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. Be proactive about keeping Pure Dating App users safe by always reporting suspicious behavior.


All in all, it pays to be a savvy online dater. Scams can happen on any dating app, so it is essential to stay alert and know the signs of a potential scammer. Do your research before putting yourself out there, ask plenty of questions, and make sure the person you are meeting is who they say they are. If things seem too good to be true, they probably are, so exercise caution and approach situations skeptically. Remember these tips when navigating pure dating app scams and happy dating! If You faced with online sextortion or blackmail on dating sites (apps) – contact our sextortion helpline 24/7