Does Sextortion Last Forever

Sextortion is a form of  online blackmail in which someone threatens to share sexual images or videos of you with your friends, family, or the internet unless you do what they say. The fear of being exposed can be very damaging and leave victims feeling hopeless and helpless. In this article you’ll find the answer to the question Does Sextortion Last Forever. Keep on reading.

If you’re a victim of sextortion, know that you’re not alone and there are steps you can take to protect yourself and get help. This blog post will discuss the lasting effects of sextortion and offer tips on how to handle this situation.

How Does Sextortion Work?

Shortly put, sextortion involves a person or group creating dozens of catfish profiles with the intent of luring in victims and manipulating them into sharing explicit content, and then turning it against them and exposing their photographs and videos, if their demands are not met.

In these catfish profiles, attractive men and women claim to be looking for love or just to have fun online. Whatever they may claim, their main objective is to gain the trust of their victims when they’re most vulnerable and use that in order to obtain as much money as they can.

Once content is exchanged, victims will face the wrath of these cyber-criminals. Harassing messages will pour in and the demand for money will be none stop.

How Do You Know If You’re Being Targeted?

Sextortion can happen to anyone, at any time. Cyber-criminals do not discriminate when it comes to their victims, if you have an online presence, then you are vulnerable to succumbing to sextortion scams. Luckily, there are tell-tale signs of sextortion you can spot.

  • Strangers.

Anyone who you don’t personally know online is dangerous and can have ill intentions. Sextortionists will reach out to anyone in order to spark up a conversation.

  • Questions.

If you were to be speaking to a sextortionist, you will notice that they will ask personal questions about yourself, this is to make the conversation seem normal but they are also keeping that information to potentially use against you.

  • Content.

Most importantly, anyone who you don’t know or haven’t personally met in person asks you to send explicit content online is a huge red flag.

How Long Does the Harassment Last?

Once a sextortionist has obtained content, victims are facing an endless tirade of messages and threats. The consequences of sextortion can be hard for a lot of victims to deal with.

These cyber-criminals have a hunger for money and will stop at nothing to obtain what they can. Sextortionists use lots of scare tactics to keep their victims right where they want them, and will not stop until they want to be done. Here are a few examples of what you can expect from a sextortion scam

  • Paying your suspect.

Suspects will claim they will delete content and never speak to their victim again if they pay what they’re demanding. This is a complete lie. You must avoid paying your suspect at all costs. Once a suspect knows you are able to send money, they will keep coming back for more and more.

  • Ignoring your suspect.

Ignoring your blackmailer can result in your content being exposed.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what you do, these suspects are vicious and will continue to harass you until they get what they want.

There have been instances where a blackmailer will take a break from their threats and might even disappear for a while.

This does not mean that a victim is in the clear, this can actually be more stressful for victims because they have no clue when their blackmailer will come back and when they will expose their content. It’s important for victims to know that theses criminals will always come back.

How to deal with sextortion?

We have seen cases where blackmailers have come back with threats after weeks, months, and even years later claiming they still have their victim’s content and need money to put an end to it. These suspects will always have your content at hand and ready to use it against you when it’s convenient to them, this is why it’s so important to seek out blackmail specialists who know how to handle such sensitive matters.

The cycle of sextortion can be difficult to break, but there is help available. We are here to assist you in finding and removing the images or videos from the internet. As well as working with law enforcement if needed. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance; it’s time to take back control of your life. Have you been a victim of sextortion? What was your experience? Now you know – Does Sextortion Last Forever. It’s time to act now.